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updateWebsite updates

• 12 May 2014: update home page and new responsive layout so it looks and function great on both desktop and mobile platforms.
• 25 March 2013: update meetings, Board page, constitution, online education page, ECEIM consensus statement guidelines, list of diplomates, newsletter,…”
• 25 March 2012: update home page, board and committees, news, Diplomate list, meetings, contact page.
• 3 February 2012: update list international meetings, candidate enrol form, institute application form, exam application form, reaccreditation form, residents documentation pack
• 22/08/11: board and committees page updated; 2011 congress information updated
• 01/06/11: updated home page, updated ‘about us’, updated list of diplomates, meetings
• 30/03/11: updates of constitution, Diplomates list, congress information
• 30/08/10: Congress info updated
• 10/08/10:
2011 congress info and call for abstracts added.
New pictures of Board/committee members added.
Diplomates pages: List of Diplomates updated and a list of relevant downloadabledocuments is added. Diplomates’ personal information is now available via (password protected) forum pages.
New job advertention.
Residents pages: call for residents to send their exact contact information + a list of relevant downloadable documents.
Meetings page: AGM 2010 Vienna added + 2011 congress preliminary information + CALL FOR ABSTRACTS 2011 congress Hannover.